About Us

Dr. Dino Mavrou graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 1992 and has been practicing in Midland Ontario since that time. Dr. Mavrou is committed to providing all patients with high quality, professional independent care. Dr. Mavrou has certified training in many areas including Cold Laser therapy, Custom Orthotic Therapy, Fitness to Golf and K-Taping. Dr. Mavrou utilizes many chiropractic techniques and the above mentioned therapeutic modalities to achieve the best possible outcomes for all his patients. He also treats all musculoskeletal conditions associated with WSIB, MVA, and sports injuries. Currently, Dr. Mavrou is an active member of the Ontario Chiropractic Association, Canadian Chiropractic Association, and the Acupuncture council of Ontario.

The Clinic also offers other services that include

- Massage therapy by Adrienne Lade (RMT, B.Sc)

- Assessment, Consultation, and Psychotherapy services by Dr. Chantel Coward (BSc. ,MSc., PsyD)     www.chantelcoward.com